Good on Trump for Moving our Embassy to Jerusalem

Although many Christians have severe differences of opinion with President Trump over certain policy positions, his decision to move the US’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem shouldn’t be among them. Understanding the soteriological and prophetic importance that the nation of Israel is for Christianity, the move ought to have made believers giddy. However, this hasn’t happened among many who denominate themselves Christ followers. Why?

Consider that many haven’t the slightest clue what the Bible has to say on the matter of the Jewish nation. Not only does Christ say that salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22), Jesus himself was a Jew, the nation of Israel is a creation of God (the Book of Genesis) and Bible prophecy centers around the Semitic nation. (Read the books of Isaiah, Daniel, Zachariah, Revelation, etc.) Therefore, it is contradictory and anti-Biblical for any self-denominated Christian to desire the worst for Israel. Still, being ignorant of sound doctrine doesn’t wholly explain the reason for the antagonism towards Israel by many.

This animosity can be traced back to the popularization of Marxism within the church ranks. Many have been led to believe that Israel is an “occupying force” and that the reason “Palestinian” Muslims are at continual war with the Jewish nation is because the Jews have been the oppressors of the Palestinian people. Seen through a purely Marxist lens, Israel, being the nation that most enjoys free market economics in the Middle East and being that Marxism classifies the free market as inherently evil, Israel is a capitalist nation that needs to be cut down.

The truth is that history demonstrates otherwise. Israel’s right to its ancestral homeland has Biblical and archaeological backing. This reality was seconded by the British government during 1917 when the monarchy published the Balfour Declaration, a writ expressing the right of the Jews to the establishment of an independent state. The Declaration was agreed to by various nations, including the US and France, even before the United Nations came into existence.

Mohammedans have no claim to the land and cannot point to any historical evidence to prove ownership. However, that hasn’t stopped them from propagandizing the world through terror that the land belongs to them – a lie that has been buoyed by Marxists everywhere. Recent history proves the point.

Remember that Egypt unjustifiably instigated hostilities against Israel in 1950 by prohibiting Jewish ships from using the Straits of Tiran, an important commercial lane for Israel. In essence, the Egyptians wanted to choke Israeli commerce only a few years after the reestablishment of Israel as a nation in 1948. In 1956, Israel responded by invading and defeating Egypt in order to free up the lane once again. Note that Israel never kept any Egyptian territory. They just wanted their freedom to engage in commerce.

Fast forward to 1967 and Egypt leads the charge again against the Jews by impeding Israeli ships passage through the Straits of Tiran. The eventual conflict became known as the Six-Day War as it pitted the Muslim agitators, including Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and the PLO against the Jews. Israel won decisively, kept a portion of the Gaza Strip from Jordan for defense reasons and as an act of goodwill (but foolishly, nonetheless) gave a portion of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, both belonging to Israel, to the Mohammedans.

In truth, what the Islamists have wanted all along is the extermination of the Jews and the Jewish state. They use terrorism to advance that aim. Yet, many Christians are unware of Islam’s true motivations because they not only ignore what Mohammedanism teaches through the Koran and the hadiths, they also believe the Marxist explanation of the conflicts. This is the reason many have disapproved of Trump’s actions.

To further cement what has been written here, look no further than the declarations made by Hamas’ leader, Ismail Haniyeh, immediately after Trump announced the embassy move:

“We should call for and we should work on launching an intifada in the face of the Zionist enemy…We want the uprising to last and continue to let Trump and the occupation regret this decision…”

Notice the terms “Zionist enemy”, “uprising” and “occupation”. This is proof that Marxists and Islamists have more in common than what meets the eye. Too bad many so-called Christians ignore these things and aid the conspirators in their march towards their determined obliteration of both Christianity and the Jews.

Yesterday was a “red letter” day. I certainly thank the Lord I was alive to see it and commend President Trump for his decision.

(Important Side Note: I’m still waiting for the fastidiously smug Never-Trumpers to give the president a hearty congratulation for fulfilling even what their beatified Ronald Reagan never did. Additionally, what these commentators and Reagan idolaters seem to cleverly omit is that Reagan officially recognized the PLO, an Islamic terrorist organization and thorn in Israel’s side, and its leader Yaser Arafat as a legitimate player, gave them exile in Tunis and even had the State Department enter into “dialogues” with the group.)

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