How to Stop Wasting Your Time

Make no mistake – we are living in a generation that values that which is worthless and insignificant whilst despising what is truly important. Among the institutions and considerations that most devalue and waste is time.

Although time is something we all have a limited supply of and is irrecoverable when spent, most have been led to believe that they’ll have an endless supply of it and therefore misuse it. Alas, it isn’t until men have very little of it left that they become desperate to recuperate what they squandered. Continue reading

Popular Opinion can be Deadly

Nowadays it is commonly stated, implicitly and explicitly, that if a majority of persons hold onto a particular opinion, that that opinion ought to be the concrete rule for all of society. Then again, this is the same generation that teaches that every person is entitled to their own system of “right and wrong”, according to their “own truth”.

One has to envy the modern era’s penchant for ideological consistency in things that truly matter, such as moral issues. Continue reading

What Huckleberry Hound can Teach us about Patience

Although television programming in the modern age features copious amounts of immorality in order to normalize it, it wasn’t always this way.

I’m sure many of our readers have very fond recollections of their childhood, including having watched a particular selection of Hanna-Barbera productions during that season of their lives. These persons will confirm that those cartoons were funny, clever, innocent and many contained moral messages. Continue reading

Yale Students: We’re Going on a Fake Hunger Strike

This is an extremely important article. Probably one of the most important I’ve ever written. Haughty as this may sound, I would like to impress upon readers the logicality behind behaving symbolically: saying you will do one thing when, in reality, you will do the complete opposite and expect others to believe that you are doing what you said you are going to do but aren’t actually doing. Confused? Read the description again and then continue reading the rest of the article for the explanation. Continue reading

The Newest Weapon Against ISIS: Wild Boars

Nay, dear reader, you are not misreading the title and it isn’t “fake news”. The Times, a British periodical, has just reported that a pack of wild boars mauled ISIS militants who were hiding in the mountains of Hamrin, approximately 55 miles outside of Kirkuk. 3 died and 5 were injured in the “attacks”.

Considering that Muslims are prohibited by Sharia Law to consume pork and commanded to eat halal meat instead, this incident constitutes a high level of hilarity and irony. Yet, it also provides the US a wonderful opportunity to significantly alter its policy towards combating what Obama demagogically and pigheadedly (pun intended) called “the JV team”. Continue reading