It Has Become Us Versus Them

When the CEOs of abusive corporations decide to moralize to the rest of the country, you know you’ve got an irony problem. When reprobates who perform insignificant tasks for obscene amounts of money, such as professional athletes, actors and musicians, condescendingly sermonize and harp on about their supposed virtue, you know you’ve got an irony problem.

This hypocritical puffery is what most Americans have been increasingly exposed to throughout the past 50 years. It’s probably hit its peak, proven by how brazen those that lecture us have become about what they lecture us on and how.

Case and point and the latest examples: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Hollywood elites during the Emmys and Colin Kaepernick.

Cook, the exhibitionist homosexual and head of the exploitative Cupertino-based technology company, asked rhetorically during an interview, “Are we acting in a track of morality?” He was referencing the national debate over whether or not the so-called “Dreamers” should be allowed to stay in the US.

Using a similar tone of sanctimony, Hollywood’s self-aggrandizing elites took to the televised stage at the Emmys (an event where industry insiders distribute awards among themselves) to verbally lambaste President Trump for being a supposed racist, bigot, oppressor of blacks, sexist and even an inspirer of Nazism.

Need I mention all of Colin Kaepernick’s hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of those that have associated themselves to his self-serving, racist, anti-national anthem crusade?

The reader will notice that all this preaching comes from those whom wish to portray themselves as identifying with the people and their subjective struggles. The reader will also notice the impudence of it all. The truth is that this is all pretentious showboating from a brood of vipers who have no moral integrity nor credibility that they should feel justified in lecturing the rest of us about “morality”.

Think upon the fact that Apple employs widespread immoral business practices to achieve its billions. As a company, they’ve used the services of Foxconn, a Chinese business, to build their devices. The working conditions have historically been so poor within their factory that the company attached massive nets to the first floor of the building in order to catch employees who have frequently attempted to commit suicide by launching themselves from the upper floors of the structure. Reporting suggests that the implementation of the safety nets was due in part to recommendations made by Tim Cook and a team of “suicide prevention experts” during a 2011 visit to the factory.

Notice that instead of choosing another, more ethical manufacturer to supply their devices, Cook and company chose to continue conducting business with Foxconn.

Consider too that Apple engages in the devious business practice known as planned obsolescence and abuses the American H-1B visa program in order to hire cheap foreign labor over hiring American citizens. Cook involved the company in the social push to impose so-called homosexual marriage within the United States via judicial fiat and used economic pressure to kill bills that would protect religious liberty in Indiana and Arkansas in 2015. This whilst traveling to Saudi Arabia in order to cement a licensing deal to operate directly in a country that punishes homosexuality with death. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to Apple and their leadership’s sordid past and practices.

Hollywood’s history of perversity and degeneracy is rather well known and extends into the modern age. Even if a person isn’t familiar with said history, it doesn’t take much to evidence the fact. A simple glance in the direction of the contents of most films, television shows and the private lives of Hollywood’s members, past and present, should be enough to prove that the industry’s main products are depravity and vanity.

As an example, look no further than a new series produced by Netflix entitled “Big Mouth”. (Warning: The following contains explicit material.) The filthy, tenebrous cartoon show centers around pubescent teenagers who are “exploring their sexuality”. Scenes include a father who informs his son that kissing male genitals is normal and doesn’t make a man a homosexual and an adolescent girl who speaks with her own genitals via a small mirror. The program is voiced by persons who many consider industry “A-Listers”.

Contemplating what we’ve alluded to, it would be perfectly reasonable to ask, “Who do these hypocrites think they are, lecturing the public about ‘moral issues’ whilst they themselves are, as Peter states in his second epistle, slaves of corruption?” (2 Peter 2:19) They have no moral sensibilities because their consciences are seared, and yet, they condescendingly pontificate as if they had the ethical standing to do so. (1 Timothy 4:2)

One wonders when the “us” will discontinue giving their collective attention and money to the “them” who think so lowly of and do spiritual damage to the “us” they claim to identify with. Maybe it is part of the reason the “them” continue to feel vindicated in hypocritically lecturing the “us”.

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