Popular Opinion can be Deadly

Nowadays it is commonly stated, implicitly and explicitly, that if a majority of persons hold onto a particular opinion, that that opinion ought to be the concrete rule for all of society. Then again, this is the same generation that teaches that every person is entitled to their own system of “right and wrong”, according to their “own truth”.

One has to envy the modern era’s penchant for ideological consistency in things that truly matter, such as moral issues.

Long ago, my father demonstrated to me the foolishness of the contemporary proposition by rhetorically asking why, as a society, we sought the abolition of slavery. Think upon it; if majority opinion should be the established norm, why did some see fit to attempt to upend it? If a plurality of persons either endorsed and were indifferent towards slavery, why seek to abolish it? Didn’t majority opinion make enforced servitude correct? I presume the reader will know the answer to the rhetorical question.

I’ll provide another example to prove that the majority isn’t always in the right (as a matter of fact, history teaches that they’re incorrect more often than not) – the death of Jesus Christ. (Luke 23)

The multitudes vehemently and frenetically demanded that Pontius Pilate put Jesus to death and that murderous Barabbas be liberated in his stead. The life of a killer for the death of the Son of God, an innocent man. Dear reader, where’s the justice in this act?

Yet, according to contemporary thought, the rabid crowds who called for Jesus’ annihilation should be justified in their decision because, you know, “popular opinion”.

As demonstrated by this ultimate and historic example, the mainstream was in the wrong and the singular man who was hung on a cross, the minority, in the right.

Beloved reader, numbers do not dictate morality – our Creator determines morality by his nature and dictates. This is an important lesson to treasure in one’s heart and to bring to remembrance the next time one hears a politician, commentator and even a “religious” figure appeal to the inane notion of “popular opinion” as they attempt to convince others of the supposed righteousness of an immoral position.

An important side note: Public sentiment can be manipulated in order to normalize and popularize evil. Think about the aberrant concept of “homosexual marriage” as a prime example.

One thought on “Popular Opinion can be Deadly

  1. Amen to that!!!!! I had notice that the majority of the time, when people talk about a specific topic around me and i don’t agree with their opinion, I end up to be left out. Thank God for his amazing grace on my life, he had show me that to stay alone when you are a Christian is an honor and not to be ashame.
    My job is to focus in Jesus and to have the assurance, he is with me. I’m trying day by day to avoid let my heart down when people talk behind my back and say things about me. Jesus is enough!!!
    Every time I go through a situation like this in my life, I used it as an example to my children’s. I know they are and will confront this type of behavior on people that want to force you to believed in a immoral, fantasies world and lies. I pray to God to give me the wisdom to be the mother that I need to be for my children’s.


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