Jesus Christ: A Grand Mirror

Who, in their right mind, would eschew being praised by the public? Why wouldn’t a person desire to be lauded and applauded by the masses – even if it meant sacrificing one’s soul? This is one of the central themes promoted by secular culture. It’s most visible personalities routinely demonstrate this “morality on the sacrificial altar for fame” mentality. Why is it that Christians, who are called to adopt a more sublime mindset, fall for the trap?

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Intolerance is a Virtue

Historically, toleration has been understood to mean different things within two particular contexts – one personal and one political. In a personal sense, a tolerating person is said to be an individual that valiantly resists bad times and evil influences. In a political sense, toleration has meant that society as a whole permits ideological differences within itself with the implicit understanding that no harm should come to those that express differences of opinion. Both definitions have been contorted into a newfangled and pernicious notion that reeks of malicious intent. Continue reading

What Huckleberry Hound can Teach us about Patience

Although television programming in the modern age features copious amounts of immorality in order to normalize it, it wasn’t always this way.

I’m sure many of our readers have very fond recollections of their childhood, including having watched a particular selection of Hanna-Barbera productions during that season of their lives. These persons will confirm that those cartoons were funny, clever, innocent and many contained moral messages. Continue reading