Sermon: Christian Love vs Secular Love

Description: We return to Titus 2 in order to examine the differences between how Christianity defines love and how sinners define love. In essence, Christian love is superior because it is God personified. Secular “love” is hedonism repackaged. In this message we detail how it is imperative to reject the world’s redefinition of love and put godly love into practice.

How to Protect Your Soul from Corruption

As Paul writes to Timothy, he mentions that the Holy Spirit revealed to him that during the latter times many would suffer from a conscience that is seared with a hot iron. (1 Timothy 4:1-4) Three critical questions arise:

1) What is a seared conscience?

2) How is the conscience seared?

3) What are the effects of a seared conscience? Continue reading

Podcast: When Homosexuals Rebuke Masculine Christians for Being Masculine


Description: Masculinity, more specifically, Christian masculinity, is under siege. Not only have militant feminists normalized the devaluing and hatred of males, militant homosexuals are joining the fray. As an example and throughout this episode, I read from and comment on an article written by what appears to be a homosexual who denounces those who are preaching the Biblical masculine ethic by giving the impression that the Bible endorses male effeminacy.