Sermon: When Christians Imitate Sinners Instead of Christ

Description: We visit Titus chapter 2 and examine how believers are called to imitate Christ and then model such maturity unto others. With the increasing secularization of Christianity in the West, this order has been abandoned in favor of a sinful inclination – namely, the imitation of all that is wicked and contrary to Biblical godliness.

Jesus Christ: A Grand Mirror

Who, in their right mind, would eschew being praised by the public? Why wouldn’t a person desire to be lauded and applauded by the masses – even if it meant sacrificing one’s soul? This is one of the central themes promoted by secular culture. It’s most visible personalities routinely demonstrate this “morality on the sacrificial altar for fame” mentality. Why is it that Christians, who are called to adopt a more sublime mindset, fall for the trap?

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