Sermon: An Ode to Christian Responsibility

Description: We live in an age where most will take credit for doing good. However, when most fall short, they seek to blame others for their misdeeds. This is a hypocrisy that shouldn’t be a part of a Christian’s character. In this message, we visit Matthew 25 in order to learn from Christ how to assume responsibility with the things God has given us, being good stewards and reaping the benefits of being responsible people.

Why Addiction isn’t a Thing

The modern word on the street is that “addiction” can only be cured via expert intervention. In more than a few cases, it can only be alleviated and not completely eradicated. *Psychologists, psychiatrists and promoters of psycho-babble imply that a person’s dependency on a drug, pornography and other assorted vices is beyond that person’s ability to walk away from them. In other words, man has no free will. Continue reading