Proof that Life Began on Earth 4.3 Billion Years Ago…Maybe?!

One of the most renown astrophysicists of the twentieth century Sir Arthur Eddington stated: “Philosophically, the notion of a beginning of the present order of nature is repugnant…I should like to find a genuine loophole”.

The declaration is a microcosm of how many secularists within the scientific community approach science: Begin with an anti-God bias, search for evidence that supports that theorem, and when none exists present the fictional findings as if they certify the false presupposition. Continue reading

The Tomi Lahren Debacle Proves that Many are Followers of Personalities and not Principles

At the outset, let’s address the caged cat: Ms. Lahren is heretically wrong on abortion and in contradicting her own statements on the matter proves she’s either a publicity-seeking opportunist or genuinely had a fascinatingly quick, Trump-like change of heart. I highly doubt the latter and I’ll explain why. But let’s scrutinize her recently announced posture on abortion first. Continue reading