Sermon: Christian Love vs Secular Love

Description: We return to Titus 2 in order to examine the differences between how Christianity defines love and how sinners define love. In essence, Christian love is superior because it is God personified. Secular “love” is hedonism repackaged. In this message we detail how it is imperative to reject the world’s redefinition of love and put godly love into practice.

Pedophilic Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre would have Loved the Millennial Generation’s Debauchery

ean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir

Philosophy, in and of itself, cannot be the tool by which man can achieve truth. Since man’s reasoning is corrupted and flawed, the possibilities are highly likely that what emanates from it is corrupted as well.

Still, this truth wasn’t enough to stop the Greek, Enlightenment and Post-Enlightenment philosophes from pondering, wondering and rationalizing everything under the sun – to the point of deifying their own intellects and conclusions in the process.

Among those whom thought that their own vaporous ideas were incontrovertible and supposedly managed to pinpoint the essence of human existence is French playwright and Marx disciple Jean-Paul Sartre. It can be easily asserted that Sartre is partly responsible for the culture of promiscuity and libertinism that has plagued the West during the last 50 years. Continue reading