Tucker Carlson’s Solution for Adolescent’s Smartphone Vice is Lunacy and Contradictory

I’ve almost finished reading Tucker Carlson’s new book, Ship of Fools. In said publication, the author rightly denounces Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, the punditry class and special interest groups for supporting certain policies that have had and continue to have deleterious effects on the US population. A good amount of the book is a breath of fresh air for those of us who continue to remind others that blind loyalty to party and indiscriminate acceptance of mainstream narratives, instead of faithful adherence to first principles, is what has led to America’s precipitous moral, social and political decline.

Nevertheless, a good portion of Carlson’s book reveals how flawed the talk show host’s views are with respect to free market economics, certain conservative ethics and his proposed solutions for America’s ills. Continue reading

Podcast: Rebutting Matt Walsh’s Article on Why Young People are Leaving the Church

Episode Description: I recently read commentator Matt Walsh’s article on why he thinks young people are leaving the church and aren’t coming back to it. While many of things he wrote are true, one particular idea bothered me – the notion that the youth do not approach church because of “poser” Christians. In this respect his analysis is faulty, due to the fact that modern youth suffer from the same character deficiency he ascribes to much of the church. I comment further on this topic in this edition of the podcast.

Where Have You Gone, Batman?

As a young boy I enjoyed all things Batman. I owned t-shirts with the bat-logo, the first Batman film on VHS and assorted figurines of the “caped crusader” and his arch enemies.

Looking back on it now, I can understand why I appreciated everything to do with The Dark Knight – Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s creation was an imperturbable defender of the weak and a principled fighter against corruption in a city awash in it. (Curiously, although Kane receives all the credit for Batman’s creation, many have successfully argued that Finger deserves more recognition for the creation of Batman.) Continue reading