Conservatism Inc. tries to Pour Cold Water on Alabama’s Move to Save the Unborn

I, like many other Americans, am gleeful that Alabama, Georgia and other states are passing legislation that prohibits infanticide. (In my estimation, Alabama’s law is most ideal.) The outright holocaust of more than 60 million unborn since the unconstitutional and paganistic Roe v. Wade decision has been and continues to be a stain on our country. Like slavery, it ought to be abolished forever.

However, I am equally appalled by the pseudo-intellectual arguments being advanced by the modern apostles of conservatism. They are arguing that such legislation is a “strategic mistake” and could have the unintended consequence of coalescing the Left before the 2020 elections. Feeble arguments such as these continually tempt me to discontinue categorizing myself as a political conservative – not because I am not a conservative, but because modern conservatism has been subverted into a bumbling shade of its former, glorious self.

A short list is in order to demonstrate the absurdity of such contentions: Who cares about political stratagems when babies’ lives continue to be on the balance? How many more have to die before enough is enough? Are we willing to sacrifice more unborn on the altar of Moloc because the “timing isn’t right”? Conversely, the Left never seems to care about whether or not they lose battles in the interim towards more tyranny and degeneracy. They relentlessly push the proverbial envelope until their will is enforced on the entire populace.

Why worry about indirectly uniting the Marxists when they are already united against what is moral and decent? Why couldn’t this fight have the opposite effect, inspiring traditional-minded voters to join the effort against the country’s ever-increasing descent into wickedness?

Such seemingly cautionary but tepid advice are the types which are continually sold to conservative voters as intellectually robust, and for what? Time and time again these paths only cede more ground to the libertines of our day and age.

Only a lunatic continues to expect different results from engaging in the same processes.

Three cheers for Alabama, Georgia and the like for actually doing something and ten kicks in the posteriors of Conservatism Inc.’s representatives, whom are only good at loudly complaining about the horrors leftism unleashes on society (making lots of money from causing outrage in the process) but cynically discourage those who finally muster the courage to do something about it.

One thought on “Conservatism Inc. tries to Pour Cold Water on Alabama’s Move to Save the Unborn

  1. I was disappointed in Fox News host, Martha MacCallum, as she made it obvious on her show that she disapproved of the Alabama law’s absence of a rape/incest clause. I, for one, also agree totally with Alabama’s stance. Circumstances of conception do not detract from fact of personhood. Also, with exception clauses we will be right back where we started from before we know it, allowing the murder of less than ideal little lives. I’m with you on hardly knowing where to go politically.

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