The Sorrow Over Notre Dame’s Burning is a Farce

There is an unwritten rule that applies to the public – all are required to perform perfunctory displays of sorrow or outrage over some well-publicized incident in order to show solidarity for the sake of sanctimony. Stated differently: when a tragedy occurs, everyone (most especially personalities) must somehow demonstrate to others how virtuous they themselves are. The same wretched act has once again played itself out after the conflagration of one of the Western world’s oldest cathedrals.

The tweets, articles, Facebook messages and recorded videos and audio commenting on how distressing Notre Dame’s burning is are legion. Many are racing to evidence how much they “feel sorry” over the incident. Plenty of Parisians even gathered to sing “Ave Maria” in unison, performing the song while mainstream media cameras recorded the makeshift choir’s supposed lamentations. No doubt, this makes for “great television” and a generation of “Likes” and views on social media. However, it is all vanity and hypocrisy.

These persons should be sorrowful over the fact that they themselves have demanded and continue to demand the expulsion of Christianity from Europe in favor of secularism, not empty tributes to a building that in some way, shape or form represents what they began to expel long ago.

Meanwhile, an average of three churches per day are being vandalized in France, primarily by Muslims. Where’s the same display of melancholy directed at Notre Dame in Paris towards these other defaced and ransacked buildings? Again, this means that the French, as well as other Westerners, aren’t as sad as they claim to be are over the contraction of Christianity they themselves generated.

One thought on “The Sorrow Over Notre Dame’s Burning is a Farce

  1. I wondered if God might be speaking to us through this fire – in many ways, actually. You are declaring the truth once again. I doubt if there will be many who are brave enough to do so.


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