It’s High Time to Switch Silicon Valley Off

I’ve given repeated consideration to chronicling social media’s pervasive and deleterious influence over hundreds of millions of people’s lives on this site. It’s a topic that has recently occupied a grand amount of personal mental space due to the ramifications of the public’s intimate relationship with the modern Internet behemoths. The most worrisome fact is that most are completely unaware of how the Zuckerberg’s, Dorsey’s, Cook’s, Pichai’s, Bezo’s and other Silicon Valley monopolistic plutocrats are employing Big Tech’s reach to manipulate human behavior and thought.

It was recently announced that YouTube (an Alphabet subsidiary, owner of Google), Facebook, Apple and Spotify all decided to ban Alex Jones’ (founder of InfoWars) content from their platforms. Collectively, their reasoning is extremely suspect, citing politically forked-tounge notions to justify the excommunication. Consider that Facebook stated that were prohibiting Jones from using the platform because he uses “dehumanizing language to describe people that are transgender, Muslims and immigrants”. Apple decided to desist from promulgating Jones’ podcasts because they are replete with “hate speech”.

Curiously enough, the aforementioned companies purged the material within a 12 hour span. Surely, Alex Jones is a master sensationalist and often peddles narratives that have no basis in fact. Yet, we are supposed to suspect Jones of being a “conspiracy theorist” but refuse to consider that Silicon Valley companies conspired to silence InfoWars. (In the interest of objectivity, although Jones and crew are master attention merchants, they often report on substantive items that the mainstream media suppresses because they counter the Marxist narrative.)

What this suppression amounts to is censorship – unilaterally and despotically choosing for the public what they ought to hear and see. This treatment also constitutes a political persecution of the worst kind, considering that Big Tech companies are mostly infested with left-leaning techno-activists who actively seek to stifle contrarian viewpoints and information. Need proof? Investigate what Google did to James Damore, how Twitter has perfected the art of “shadowbanning”, how Facebook has intentionally squelched conservative voices on its platform via algorithms and how Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has used the company to advocate for the normalization of sodomy in the US. And these controversies are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.
Silicon Valley is a hotbed of debauchery and human rights violations. Additionally it is an insidious laboratory that experiments with what is euphemistically known in the sector as “behavior modification” to incite maximum engagement. How else does one explain Facebook’s and Apple’s market share? They didn’t get rich providing socialization tools or “connection”. They’ve gotten rich by portraying themselves as businesses that provide products with an altruistic bent, when in fact they are beguilers that appeal to ignorance, covetousness and the public’s desire to “fit in”.
Hence, what is intentionally suppressed within these platforms is the free flow of vital information that breaks people free from the slumber induced by consumerism, vanity and immorality – all things that Silicon Valley exploits for profit and social engineering. Think upon it, dear reader: one sees why the Marxist manipulators of Big Tech are purging the dissident voices spread throughout their respective platforms – it’s a threat to their multifaceted monopoly. Therein lies my main point.
Why is it that many supposedly intellectual conservatives did not see the day approaching when Silicon Valley would be a threat to the truth and free speech? Doesn’t centralization always end in tyranny? It behooved us to stay away from any force seeking to concentrate power under the guise of providing users convenience and it continues to behoove us. (It’s the reason why Facebook is so powerful, for example. It’s users claim that it’s a wonderful thing, that everything they need is available in one site – exactly the trap Zuckerberg and his lackeys designed Facebook to be.)


Hopefully we’ve learned the lesson and will start to help diminish Big Tech’s power. My advice to the reader? Delete your social media accounts, or, at the very least, reduce engagement to a bare minimum and turn your account into a page that exclusively disseminates truth. Visit your favorite websites directly – the very thing Silicon Valley has discouraged so as to control web traffic and become the gatekeepers of information.


Let’s break the backs of those whom we unwittingly gave the power to mediate what we can see and hear.

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