Take the Test: How Precise Are You?

There’s isn’t a doubt that we’ve regressed as a culture. As an example, consider the ongoing destruction of the English language. When the majority of people prefer to communicate with others using truncated phrases, misspelled words and emojis than to form grammatically correct, coherent sentences, such a development isn’t proof of improvement or efficiency.

Why has this occurred? Laziness. As a society, we worship at the feet of convenience. Fast food, fast Internet access, fast but substance lacking explanations – we desire everything to be effortless and hurried. Therefore, we cannot be bothered to ensure the proper use of language because it requires work and time.

There is another reason why this cultural and personal retrogression has occurred. Let us call it lack of precision. I’ll explain.

An individual who is exacting in both thought and action is normally virtuous. What better way to leave nothing to the corrupted imagination of others than to carefully select one’s words and deeds. (Of course, there will always be those whom, no matter how moral and considerate a man’s actions and words may be, will always misinterpret those words and deeds because of their spiritual debasement.)

A righteous man ponders the consequences of his actions before he commits them. An upright man considers God, His Law and his neighbor before he declares a word or takes a step. Herein lies the point.

A crooked man cares neither for the Lord’s commandments nor for the consequences that his sinful thoughts and deeds will have on himself and others. It is for this reason he avoids moral precision in his life, due to the responsibility righteousness carries with it.

Simplified, absolutists are patient and precise whilst relativists are impatient and intentionally imprecise.

Dear reader, under what category do you fall?

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