Proof that Kwanzaa is a Fraudulent & Racist Holiday

Even though Marxists will play the innocent ignoramus by pretending that they know nothing about the War on Christmas, the truth is that they are waging it and attempting to repress important information that proves that such a tactic is part of greater fight against the West’s Christian past. Such is the case with the faux celebration known as Kwanzaa.

In this detailed article written by Carlotta Morrow, the reader will come to know about the racist underpinnings of Kwanzaa, about its swindling leader and how the so-called celebration is pagan, anti-Christian and ethnocentric at its core.

I also advise the reader to digest the following article by Thomas Clough which thoroughly details Kwanzaa creator Ron Everett’s, alias Maulana Karenga, felonious past.

I believe both pieces will inspire lectors to resist the societal pressure to recognize a fraudulent holiday and to wish all a hearty “Merry Christmas!” instead.

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