Can Christianity and Traditionalism Mix?

I’ve been hearing an awful lot lately about “Traditionalism”. It’s a movement, particularly prominent among Millennials, that rejects Cultural Marxism in all of its manifestations (including Feminism and militant sexualism) and embraces orthodox Western norms, such as heterosexual marriage and traditional gender roles.

Although the growing sentiment and adherence to the creed is certainly encouraging (especially when one considers that it is mostly being promoted by younger folk), I for one am still troubled to see that many insist on separating traditional principles from its root – Christianity.

It is absolutely evident that many understand the benefit of the Christian ethic whilst lamentably claiming that the ethic itself is no more “religious” in nature than it is secular. In other words, many believe that secularism can lead to a traditional value system, which is patently false. This is evidenced by the fact that if secularism could lead to a proper moral code, society wouldn’t be as openly depraved as it is and traditionalists wouldn’t have to stand so vehemently against such behavior. As Christ stated, a bad tree cannot give good fruit. (Matthew 7:17-18)

Further analysis proves that without Christianity, traditional values have no meaning. It would be impossible to properly and fully understand sublime concepts such as marriage, parenthood, individual responsibility and morality without an explanation about their origins and intentions. It is in the revelation of their origins that we can understand their definitions and bounds.

Hence, the only book that adequately and exhaustively informs humanity about the beginnings and meaning of the divine institutions called marriage, morality, civil society and the like is the Bible. No other work, literary or otherwise, can claim to contain such invaluable information. All told, marriage, the family and other topics cannot be understood without God revealing them, since He is the One who created them in the first place, not man.

If man were the creator of these things, then other men throughout history could also redefine them or simply dispense with these norms as they please, being that they are moldable to man’s current whims. This is the lie willingly accepted by many who wish that God be dispensed with as Creator so that anything and everything is acceptable practice. A perfect example would be so-called “homosexual marriage”. There is no such thing. It isn’t part of God’s original design, rather a perversion of it. Yet, since modern man foolishly thinks he can discount God, the concept is suddenly considered acceptable.

To conclude, I believe the worst aspect of the traditionalist creed is its denial of the Gospel. Assuredly, good behavior and sound thought is a commendable endeavor. However, without the Good News being the bedrock of such principles, it is all for not as it pertains to where man will spend his eternity. (Ephesians 2:8-10)

If anyone responds to this last declaration by asking why would God not allow them into Heaven if they’ve attempted to be a “good person”, they’ve proven the salient point of this writing – traditionalism seeks to decouple ethics from the One who revealed it.

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