Social Media Wants to Purge Free Speech

Just like Hitler had his Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda, American communists within academia, the mainstream media and political circles have their own organizations whom act as fronts for mass censorship – social media.

What was once thought to be bastions of free speech within the internet have become ideological echo chambers, where Leftist thought abounds but Christianity and conservatism are squelched with much enthusiasm by their respective “communities”. Think of it as historical Marxist suppression manifested on the web.

Facebook has been caught on multiple occasions stamping out conservative voices within their platform under the auspices of silencing “hate speech”. Twitter has become a hotbed of Orwellian groupthink with CEO Jack Dorsey making the site a “safe space” where only CultMarx-inclined ideas are promoted. YouTube, a Google subsidiary, has written mysterious algorithms which suppresses content. The company also asks regular viewers to “flag” accounts which oppose Leftist thought, represses content creators through demonetization and even bans certain folk outright. (Not to worry though, a Justin Timberlake music video which contains explicit female nudity can still be viewed.)

This blatant censorship has even extended to search engine results, alternative media and online stores. Consider that Google actively scrubs links to conservative websites and their content from their search engine listings. Free speech platforms, such as, aren’t allowed to come to the fore due to the fact that both Apple and Google have prohibited the company from uploading their app to the App Store and Play Store respectively. Amazon has also joined the autocratic fray, intentionally manipulating reviews of Hillary Clinton’s latest book so as to give the impression that reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Such deliberate omission and manipulation doesn’t bode well for liberty.

Ironically, all of this repression is occurring whilst the aforementioned companies have amassed fortunes via secretive, targeted advertising, personal data collection and sales. In other words, Silicon Valley has come to embody the typical hypocrisy of Marxism: striking riches via monopoly while preaching communism for the masses.

In the end, it’s all about control over information and its flow, control over what one should think and even over what one should buy. It is in this vein that social media and other internet outlets have become what they were always designed to become – a massive vehicle for social engineering much like traditional media (radio, television, newspapers, etc.) has been for decades.

Dear reader, even in the Information Age it is imperative that we engage in a little due diligence and employ a healthy dose of cynicism with respect to what can be accessed via the internet. We can no longer assume that the World Wide Web is a domain where information flows freely. It is imperative to traverse it with the understanding that certain forces are intentionally omitting vital information and attempting to shape public discourse through such repression.

Discernment, individual research by alluding to multiple sources and usage and support of independent voices, sites and services is a necessity. As I’ve written before, use alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo, employ completely private email from services such as Proton Mail, encrypt file sharing with services like those offered by SpiderOak, disable cookies and use ad blockers on web browsers, use VPNs such as ZenMate or TunnelBear and peruse the web with browsers such as Brave, Tor or Opera.

If we desire to retain our own voices and the ability to access and spread the truth freely, we must begin to do so away from the restrictive limits imposed by social media behemoths.

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