Which is Worse, Xenophobes or Traitors?

Character assassination is one of the trademarks of Leftist tacticians. Instead of debating the merits of an argument or idea, they demonize and attempt to censor their ideological opponents (as proven, once again, by Google’s latest actions). It can also be said that the ploy is an implicit admission that the Left’s pet dogmas are inherently weak, cannot stand scrutiny and therefore need to be upheld by repressive means.

Hence, every time Marxists classify anyone who espouses Biblical or conservative principles as xenophobeshomophobesIslamophobes, transphobes and persons who are “irrationally fearful of anything foreign”, it is character assassination at work. Yet, what puzzles me are the timid reactions from Christians and conservatives to the malicious scheme. Instead of seeing right through the stratagem and fighting against it, many become intimidated and remain silent, thus helping accomplish what the Left desires all along – silencing the truth.

Isn’t it ridiculous that persons who do not have a racist bone in their bodies, do not fear homosexuals and reject Islam out of moral outrage over what Mohammedanism teaches and inspires, suddenly become frightened over the prospect of being called any of the aforementioned pejoratives? If morality dictates that politically engineered cultural and demographic genocide via mass migration, the normalization of deviant sexuality and protection from homicidal religious doctrines be publicly denounced and rejected, why are Christians and conservatives alike allowing the Left’s erroneous stereotypes to silence and thereby squelch the exposition of legitimate concerns over public policy issues? It’s madness, I tell you.

Here’s another consideration: Why aren’t politicians, activists and others who promote and defend these subversive agendas not classified as evil and treasonous? Aren’t their positions on matters such as immigration, domestic security and social views intrinsically immoral and thereby seditious? If so, why is it that many refuse to rebuke them for what they are and promote by employing explicit terms, such as traitorpervertdemagoguehypocrite and liar?

Contemplate what Muslims in France are denominating as the “Great Replacement”, a social engineering program instituted to Islamize the country in the not too distant future. The plan requires mass importation of other Mohammedans into the country, high birthrates which outnumber the French population’s and the frenetic building of mosques. The icing on the cake is that France’s government is aiding and abetting this cultural and demographic suicide plot.

Old cathedrals and sanctuaries are being demolished by force by authorities while Muslim prayer centers and temples are being built almost without restriction and, on many occasions, subsidized by French taxpayers. It is estimated that by 2030 Muslims will make up approximately 10 percent of the French population, an increase from approximately 8 percent now. There are nearly 2,400 mosques in the country today compared to 1,500 in 2003, close to a 40 percent growth in the interim.

With this invasion being made visible to all, alongside those treasonous politicians, apologists and media figures who enable and endorse this conspiracy, how is it that the traitors continue to go unpunished while the patriotic, discerning citizenry is maligned and even severely castigated for warning others of the plot?

I think I’ll cast my lot with the xenophobes every time, thank you very much!

It turns out that John Stormer, author of the seminal book None Dare Call it Treason, was right to name his literary work after a portion of Sir John Harrington’s famous quote:

Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

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