An Open Letter to “Christian” Feminists

Alright, time to crack the knuckles of my figurative hands before I declare this. I wonder if any of the Christian women who posted celebratory remarks yesterday during the Day Without Women Protest on Facebook and/or other social media sites know that the event was staged by groups like the Action Network Fund, an organization which is staffed only with men. I wonder if these females know that George Soros, another male and an anti-Christian, Marxist zealot billionaire, gave close to $250 million to groups that supported the demonstrations through his various Open Society Foundations. I wonder if these women know that among the groups that received said financial aid were Planned Parenthood (the infanticide factory), the Center for American Progress (Leninist) and People for the American Way (also Leninist). Probably not, otherwise they would have reserved the festive comments and condemned the demonstrations for what they are: an advocacy which malevolently undermines the nuclear family by instigating women to hate men.

I see no reason to even celebrate International Women’s Day. (If the newfangled society you seek to create is all about “equality”, why do you continue to highlight biological distinctions?) To all of the females who posted self-congratulating messages to themselves I say the following: Get over yourself! You are not God. Therefore, reserve worship for the One who deserves it. Can’t you see that the tactic is to appeal to your pride so you may indulge in self-deification at the expense of Christian humility and modesty? (Titus 2:3-5) Women in the West are not systematically oppressed nor are they disadvantaged. Just look East towards Saudi Arabia and Iran and contrast it with our national situation for proof of the aforesaid. Instead you should be thanking God that you live freely and stop complaining about a “problem” that exists in your own head.

(Warning: this next bit will trigger the most cantankerous feminists among us.) Next time you encounter a masculine, chivalrous, deferential male, thank him. That’s right, show your appreciation. That husband of yours that works tirelessly to support you and your offspring does so because he carries the supreme weight on his shoulders of a great responsibility this side of heaven – being the leader and head of his household. (Ephesians 5:25-33)

Lastly, give your man-hating a rest. Your precious feminism is causing young men to give up courtships and enthrall themselves in video games instead. Your feminism is twisting the definition of sex roles by normalizing transgenderism and effeminate males. (What, are you looking to create a spitting image of yourself in a man, to then marry, in essence, yourself? Talk about hubris! By the way, why are you exalting women who decide to “identify” as male? Shouldn’t they suddenly be the object of your scorn, being that they claim to be men?) Your beloved feminism has caused our society to unjustifiably give women all of the benefit of the doubt before the facts are even known in divorce cases, custody cases, domestic abuse cases and the like.

A word of advice: If you rascally feminists desire to be genuinely happy, embrace true feminine virtue which includes modesty, temperance, industriousness, self-sacrifice and love – all things that feminism is devoid of. (Proverbs 31:10-31)

I’ve spoken my peace and I hope that all feminists find some peace too.

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