Being Captain Obvious is a Good Thing

I was listening recently to a podcast episode hosted by a rather well-known conservative columnist. In said recording he mentions that he has garnered an audience due to the fact that he emphasizes the importance of that which is “obvious”. Moreover, the host added that if our culture weren’t so debauched, he would be out of a job and even feared admitting as much to his readers and listeners.

Personally, it was refreshing to hear such frank and straightforward commentary. Said honesty is sorely needed in a culture that has allowed itself to become accustomed to being lied to continually.

Yet, I do not agree with his sentiment that if society were more moral he’d be out of a job. Here’s why.

We need people to continue to highlight what’s obvious – if by obvious the commentator means that which is fundamental, ethical and foundational (which it is plainly evident that is exactly what he means). The fact that individuals and societies have a proclivity to forget what’s obvious means that we need such people to unrepentantly and persistently remind us of what is good. And even if we lived in a mostly moral culture, the reminder would still be needed for the same reason.

This notion is thoroughly furnished throughout the Scriptures. Consider that Moses, Joshua, the Judges, the Prophets (both major and minor), Jesus, the apostles and the Bible itself serve as a memorial to what’s obvious.

Furthermore, the very reason why many adopt pernicious ideas and behave abhorrently is because they’ve chosen to ignore the obvious. Humanity’s most infamous blunders have occurred because we’ve made it a point to willfully turn our backs on what’s obvious. The Fall? Adam and Eve forgot God’s simple command. Israel’s continual slide into captivity? Chalk it up to ignoring God’s commands. Nations sliding into the despotism and genocides caused by Marxism? History makes the consequences obvious, but people don’t read much.

If one were to look at modern examples to prove the point, look no further than the mass normalization of sexual deviancy, the glorification of sin through the entertainment industry, the redefining of the nature of the sexes and the gutting of the nuclear family. Even though obvious hits society in the face, they continue to insist that things aren’t so obvious.

I can continue to delineate the byproducts of disregarding what’s obvious, but I sense the reader will have understood the point by now.

My advice? Press on in the strong declaration of what is obvious. God knows, we all need to wake up every day reminding ourselves to adhere to what’s obvious, including yours truly.

(If the reader has noticed that I’ve repeatedly emphasized the word obvious, again, it should be obvious by now.)

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