Modern Masculinity is Vain

Many websites and organizations have propped up during the past few years purporting to reintroduce contemporary men to the characteristics of what makes men men – masculinity. I wish that the development would be a cause to celebrate, especially in the midst of toxic, pagan feminism. However, being that modernity is purely secular and attempts to define everything away from how God created us, don’t expect a glaring review of the situation from yours truly.

Yes, many modern men have seen and experienced the dilapidation of manliness due to the devastation feminism has wrought upon our culture. No doubt, the conscientious reader has noticed the deterioration of the mater as well. Still, even though some may have a clouded notion of what manliness entails and wish to communicate it to others, usually their explanation is diluted by the sinful outlook of the modern culture. Allow me to explain.

Men were men up until the 1960s and were damn proud of it (so were their wives). The nuclear family was mostly intact until that period in Western history. Our society was content to abide by the Christian framework for both males and females because it resulted in contentment and personal success. Again, enter the rabid and drug infested, promiscuous “hippie era”.

Immature males and females gave free reign to their lascivious desires. The social feeling of the era made sure to give objectivity, self-control and traditional sex roles the boot and replaced them with emotionalism and immorality as the new normal. Things became twisted rather rapidly.

Women desired to be “one of the boys” and men were shamed into connecting with their “feelings”. Charlatan talking heads like Betty Friedan complained that school marms and housewives felt enslaved by their male counterparts, sentenced to roles that the supposedly oppressive patriarchy allotted to feeble-minded, weak females. It was their perpetual status in life, you see, motherhood and the like.

Since men were afraid to combat evil feminism, due to the conundrum of being considered chauvinist pigs by society at-large, eventually pagan women had their way, which meant a full glorification of femininity while demonizing masculinity. Eventually this morphed into an extolment of effeminate behavior in men and even full acceptance of homosexuality and other deviant forms of sensuality. This development was required to further assault and drown out masculinity.

The chivalrous, dependable, fatherly, warrior, moral, deferential man was replaced by the womanly male. In essence, Christian Man died and Effeminate Man lived. Now the norm includes men shaving their body hair like women, sporting girlish hairstyles and an extreme, womanlike preoccupation with their appearance.

Sure, some hipsters will grow out long beards, but dyed facial hair does not a man make.

All of the aforesaid is what comprises the most up-to-date definition of masculinity. Effeminate Man is a woman in a man’s body. He can’t unclog a congested toilet, detests getting his hands dirty, lacks industriousness, is lazy, deprives himself of personal education and etiquette – but he sure looks well dressed for the Friday night social!

It is in the midst of this redefinition that some have attempted to reconnect contemporary men with the manliness of the past. However, it is a futile undertaking for a few reasons.

Firstly, trying to recreate an institution that has been corrupted in many minds without its informing agent is useless. Masculinity without its Christian underpinnings is not masculinity, no matter how much today’s commentators try to define its characteristics without ever alluding to the God which shows us what those traits look like, since they are a reflection of His character.

Said commentators uselessly try to fill such a void by alluding to secular philosophy, revisiting the behavior patterns of ancient societies and quoting pseudo-sciences like psychology and anthropology. Yet, in appealing to the systems that helped cause the deterioration of maleness in the first place they are controverting their stated mission. Not only do these profane concepts contradict one other, again, they can’t explain manliness since they distance it from its Creator.

Imagine attempting to explain how the ancient Greek soldiers were the model of honor and brotherhood while trying to consolidate that with the fact that many of them were pedophiles! As is said today, “Good luck with that”.

Secondly, without addressing and contravening the perversion feminism and secular culture have wrought upon proper manliness, men will never reconnect with true masculinity. Attempting to appease the feminizers while adopting a politically correct, anti-Christian version of masculinity still does not constitute manhood. Either one lives manly or doesn’t. There isn’t an intermediary position.

In conclusion, men can seek all the style and behavior advice they want from various self-appointed gurus within the far reaches of the internet and popular culture. Adhering to such ephemeral, worldly counsel still doesn’t a man make.

The fact remains that Effeminate Man is vain and it is an offense to Christian Man when men try to imitate what only Christianity and its inherent principles can give men. Like all things satanic, it’s a cheap counterfeit of the authentic, a ruse meant to deceive certain individuals into thinking that they are living like the real thing.

Here’s three cheers for Christian Man, two “hoorahs” for proper masculinity and a testosterone-packed punch in the gut of Effeminate Man for good measure!

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