Proof that Yoga Makes You Stupid

I do not consider it an overstatement or presumptuous to assume that the reader has encountered their share of venomous sinners once and again. You’re familiar with the type: One tries to convince them that a certain immoral thought process or behavior is contrary to God’s Word and therefore perilous. The reply is mostly always the same: either a look of condescension or belittling words which unmistakably inform you that an insane asylum is missing a resident lunatic – and you are that lunatic!

I learned long ago not to allow the sting of such an insult to discourage me from sharing veracity, being that insulting someone by classifying them as “crazy” is not a proper rebuttal response to a logical argument. However, this hasn’t stopped sinners from superficially dismissing truth by using the tactic.

In fact, their response is a result of the following: 1) they’re too blind to recognize the truth or 2) they clearly understand the truth but will stubbornly hold on to their sin.

That is why, in certain instances, it is advisable to appeal to statistics, studies, real life circumstances and testimonials to underscore Biblical truth.

Many Christians I know have used said methods as they disseminate the truth about Hinduism and yoga, the false religion and associated practice that has increased in popularity in the West for some time now.

It is with this in mind that I would like to share with you, the reader, an excerpt from an interview between Russian defector and ex-KGB agent Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov (penname Thomas Schuman) and G. Edward Griffin.

Bezmenov was a Soviet trained informant who was assigned to India in order to spread Marxist propaganda and subvert Indian culture. Whilst in the country, the KGB became interested in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the Hindu guru, charlatan and sexual deviant, whose methods were popularized in the West by The Beatles and Mia Farrow). The Kremlin noticed that influential Americans were visiting Maharishi’s ashram, learning transcendental meditation from him and transplanting it to America. (Curiously and suspiciously, “TM”, as it is called for short, is trademarked. Is it any mystery how Mahesh left behind a $2-billion-dollar estate when he died?)

Bezmenov details the opportunities this development afforded the Soviets in their plan to “demoralize” the U.S. (relevant remarks can be found 49 minutes and 38 seconds into the interview, linked above, from which this transcription is taken):

“The KGB was even curious about this gentleman (It may look innocent): Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great spiritual leader, or maybe a great charlatan and crook, depending on from which side you are looking at him. [The] Beatles were trained at his ashram in Haridwar in India [in] how to meditate; Mia Farrow and other useful idiots from Hollywood visited his school and they returned back to [the] United States absolutely zonked out of their minds with marijuana, hashish, and crazy ideas of meditation.

To meditate, in other words, to isolate oneself from the current social and political issues of your own country, to get into your own bubble, to forget about [the] troubles of the world—obviously [the] KGB was very fascinated with such a beautiful school, such a brainwashing center for stupid Americans. I was dispatched by the KGB to check [into] what kind of VIP Americans attend this school…I was trying to get enrolled in that school. Unfortunately, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi asked too much; he wanted 500 American dollars for enrollment. But my function was not actually to get enrolled in this school. My function was to discover what kind of people from [the] United States attend this school. And we discovered that yes, there are some [members of influential families], public opinion-makers of [the] United States, who come back with the crazy stories about Indian philosophy.

Indians themselves look upon them as idiots, useful idiots, to say nothing about [the] KGB who looked upon them as extremely naïve, misguided people. Obviously, a VIP, say a wife of a Congressman, or a prominent Hollywood personality, after being trained in that school, is much more instrumental in the hands of manipulators of public opinion, and [the] KGB, than a normal person, who understands, who looks through this type of fake religious training…you see, a person who is too much involved in introspective meditation, you see, if you carefully look [at] what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is teaching to Americans, [it] is that most of the problems, most of the burning issues of today, can be solved simply by meditating. Don’t rock the boat, don’t get involved. Just sit down, look at your navel, and meditate. And the things, due to some strange logic, due to cosmic vibration, will settle down by themselves.

This is exactly what the KGB and Marxist-Leninist propaganda want from Americans. To distract their opinion, attention, and mental energy from [the] real issues of [the] United States, into [non-issues], into a non-world, non-existent harmony. Obviously it’s more beneficial for the Soviet aggressors to have a bunch of duped Americans than Americans who are self-conscious, healthy, physically fit, and alert to the reality.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi obviously is not on the payroll of the KGB, but whether he knows it or not, he contributes greatly to [the] demoralization of American society. And he is not the only one. There are hundreds of those gurus who come to your country to capitalize on [the] naïveté and stupidity of Americans. It’s a fashion. It’s a fashion to meditate; it’s a fashion not to be involved. So obviously you can see that if [the] KGB were that curious, if they paid [for] my trip to Haridwar, if they assigned me to that strange job, obviously they were very much fascinated. They were convinced that that type of brainwashing is very efficient and instrumental in [the] demoralization of [the] United States.”

Hopefully this narrative will help get the message about the dangers of yoga across to those you are ministering to. If this doesn’t work, then there’s a high possibility that the person you are attempting to communicate the truth to is in a constant trance, thereby living in a perpetual state of self-imposed stupidity. In such an instance, a good whack with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat will do the trick.

*Credit for the Transcription: Useless Dissident Blog

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