Forget the Memes. Read the Bible Instead.

Lack of allegiance to the Biblical text may be the primary reason why so many Christians easily accept what so evidently contradicts sound doctrine.

Perusing various social media posts makes the aforementioned manifest. It isn’t an uncommon sight, various persons linking to and posting “inspirational” quotes from a particular author or talking head who offers some sort of “profound” insight into Biblical knowledge.

Yet, it isn’t rare to find that such statements or ideas diametrically oppose what the sacred text declares. Is it any wonder why so many Christians believe they are following Christian counsel when, in fact, they are following a doctrine that has no basis in Scripture?

Is it any wonder why many Christians think the Bible teaches and approves of something that it doesn’t and then are amazed when another, who is familiar with the Bible, correct their ignorance?

There is no substitute for direct Bible engagement. God gave us all the text for a reason. Furthermore, it is written in understandable language, yet its truth is elegant and profound, able to help even the most simpleton among us to elevate his understanding.

It still amazes me that having the text available to everyone, that we insist on ignoring it altogether on occasion, allowing human mediators to “interpret” the text for us. Some of this is due to our intellectual laziness. We simply accept without asking the proper questions and, more importantly, consulting the Bible for verification purposes.

If we declare that God’s Word is completely sufficient for daily living, then we should act like it.

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